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Lithuanian director Sauljys Varnas taught young Mogilev actors of the language of modern theatre

Famous Lithuanian director Sauljys Varnas carried out 2 master-classes for young actors within the special pro-gramme of “M@rt.Contact” International Youth Forum in Mogilev. Using alive communication, photos, videos of his plays Sauljys Varnas tried to show the young what is the language of modern European theatre like. He considers the latter to be the special “energetic mentality” that is transmitted to public with the help of mimicry, gestures, emotions, and other means. It helps to hold public’s attention and transmit one’s own ideas and thoughts.

Sauljys Varnas remarked: “The actors – young, of middle age, old – are the same everywhere. It is important for each of them to learn something new from time to time. World theatre is looking for its own language, way of ex-pressing. It doesn’t want to be literature’s servant any more. It needs an actor prepared in a special way to be able to express different associations in verbal and non-verbal forms. An actor should be ready to use and control his / her energy the same as an instrument is tuned to play in a proper way. This is very important”.

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