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Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has denied claiming a role in Russia's political arena.

"To be honest I don't see any future for myself in the context of Russian politics. Russia has no legal foundations for me to 'nurse' such plans," Lukashenko said at a news conference in Minsk on Thursday.

"I have no illusions and I don't savor power, either. I am not a tsar, but a ploughman doing his job," he said.

"If anyone thinks I am struggling to get somewhere - it's unrealistic from the point of view of law. Second, I can't imagine myself running such a huge country [Russia.] Furthermore, I hold the same post here and have the same cars, corteges and planes in abundance," Lukashenko said.

"My only interest is to ensure that I and the Belarusian people are respected in Russia," Lukashenko said.

"I want Russia to know that the Belarusian people has never turned traitor, no matter what our relations. No one has relieved us of the responsibility to guarantee the security of the Union State. We shall never clear tanks towards Moscow," the Belarusian president said.

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