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“Mama is the first word”

14 October Mogilev regional committee of BRYC holds the regional action “Mama is the first word”, the correspondent of the site was told at BRYC’s.

Participants of the BRYC’s movement “Kind Heart” are to visit children’s branch of Mogilev regional hospital who became mothers on Mother’s Day or the day before. Mothers and their babies are presented with concert and quizzes by volunteers.

Besides, BRYC activists are to organize mobile centres to congratulate Mogilev mothers with paper tulips and natural flowers, postcards, balloons in the streets of the city. Passers-by will be suggested to make paper tulips themselves to congratulate their mothers at home; unwed mothers, mothers having many children, mothers of the disabled children, as well as the elderly women living alone and women – participants of the Great Patriotic War will be visited at homes and suggested to help about the house.

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