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In March 2010 Belarusian Cement Plant to switch clinker production from gas to coal

RUE “Belarusian Cement Plant” switches clinker production from gas to coal. The information is provided by the director of the company Vladimir Kiselev.

The company is completing construction of a production site for a special preparatory coal section. Installation of the mail technological equipment will begin soon. Construction of a coal storehouse for 30 thousand tons of coal will also be finished soon. Railways to load the coal are already put into process. According to the technology, coal is crushed to become an air-coal mixture.

The use of coal and introduction of power efficient innovation technologies will cut energy expenses by 10% per a ton. Though coal a coefficient of efficiency of coal is lower than one of gas coal fuel is much cheaper. That’s why the company will use an air-coal mixture to produce cement on their new technological line.

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