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Marketing Center LLC (Mogilev Region) is planning to commission two soft drinks production lines in September, a company representative told Interfax-West.

The lines manufactured by Italian company Comac will have a capacity of 6,000 litres each.

As soon as they are installed, the company will launch the production of brand new low-calorie preservative-free drinks in which sugar will be replaced by natural sweetener fructose.

New drinks with natural oil, fruit and food supplement content will help improve cognitive performance, loose weight, boost skin health, etc. They will be sold under the relevant brands - Mental Fitness, In Shape, Inner Balance, Vital Skin, Foreign Countries, with the retail price set at BYR 1,500.

In addition, the company is going to launch a series of soft drinks on the basis of fresh apple juice.

Currently Marketing Center LLC offers over 70 kinds of soft drinks in 0.33 l, 0.6 l, 1 l and 2 l plastic bottles and drinking water in 6-litre bottles.

Marketing Center LLC was founded in 1991. The company launched the production of soft drinks in 1999.

For more details, please call +375 296 900066 or visit www.olymp.by and www.wv.by.

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