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Medical assistants of Kostiukovichi district ride scooters to attend patients

Medical assistants of Novye Samotevichi village of Kostiukovichi district ride scooters to attend their patients. This summer more scooters will be bought for two other district medical centres. – Leonid Shilko, head physician of Kostiukovichi hospital, informs.

The first scooter was bought by the healthcare department of Mogilev regional executive committee and district administration for the medical centre attended by 998 people (including 252 children) living at Novye Samotevichi, Melyakovka, Lipovka villages. One and the same day a medical assistant may be sent for from 6 different townships or villages that are often far from each other; besides, he/she has to visit patients at home, bring medicines to the disabled or elderly people. Now it does not take much time to ride 5-10 km from one settlement to other, and it means that more patients will be visited and get help.

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