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Meeting of Mogilev regional executive committee administration with president of «Villarreal» football club

Topical economic matters were discussed at today’s meeting of Mogilev regional executive committee administration with the president of the Spanish football club «Villarreal» Fernando Roig Alfonso. Being the owner of the company producing ceramic tile, the guest showed much interest in exports of ceramic tile to Belarus and Russia. When all potential markets have been studied and a steady partner is found, the company may invest into building in Mogilev region a plant on the analogy of the one «PAMESA» has in Brazil, Fernando Roig Alfonso added.

In his turn, deputy chairman of Mogilev regional executive committee Victor Nekrashevich noticed that the region has not only relatively cheap gas (it promotes 30% of ceramic tile manufacturing), but also significant supplies of raw materials for its production. Besides, Mogilev region is included into the Belarusian-Russian- Kazakh customs zone that is free of customs duty and different economic restrictions within its borders.
The region’s development strategy include such projects as bio-gas components production, wind-driven electric plants installation, fresh and mineral water bottling, pellet and briquette manufacturing, tripoli extracting, etc.

The participants of the meeting could not but mention the issue of the day – the game of “Dnieper” Mogilev football club Versus Spanish «Villarreal». Fernando Roig Alfonso supposed the return game would be vivid and suggested Mogilev football players to train for it in Spain.


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