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Memorial sign to war victims of regional mental hospital unveiled in Mogilev

Memorial sign to the patients of regional mental hospital – the victims of German occupation unveiled in Mogilev. Representatives of regional and city administration, the Federal Republic of Germany Embassy in Belarus, veterans of Great Patriotic War, and delegation from German city Khaidelberg attended the ceremony.
In 1941-1942 about 1500 patients and medical staff were venenated by the Nazi. The building were the tragedy took place still exist. Nowadays it is one of the departments of Mogilev regional mental hospital.

Germany granted 10 000 euro to finance the project, being the kind of penitence.

According to deputy chairman of Mogilev regional executive committee Valery Malashko, the mentally ill are the most socially unsecured part of society. Both the building and the memorial sign should remind us about those times in order not to admit the same tragedy, - stressed Valery Malashko.

The author of the memorial sign is 27-year-old Mogilev sculptor Alexander Minkov, who won the tender. The sign looks like a 2-meter granite slab, within which there is a figure of a condemned to death man seeking for light from a window, i.e. for the life.

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