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Memory about the distinguished people of Krichev will be immortalized by a three-volume edition "Veterans"

"They Won the Enemy and Devastation" - this is the title of the first book of a three-volume edition "Veterans" about the citizens of Krichev who fought for their Motherland during the Great Patriotic War. The information is provided by Nikolai Hobotov, the secretary of Mogilev Regional Branch of the Union of Writers of Belarus.

The author of the book, a member of the Union of Writers of Belarus Alexander Boldovsky, provides it with 55 items of evidence of feat of arms by his fellow countrymen. He tells the readers about those who fought for Krichev, liberated the town from Fascists invaders. The life of each veteran is narrated in the form of an essay. Alexander Boldovsky was acquainted with the most of them. That's why the book is easy to read. The book is also supplied with unique documents and photos of the past. They deal with veterans' biographies and haven't been published before. The edition is for the wide circle of readers and especially for children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of those who saved the world from Fascism.


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