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Middle-aged punishment and torture instruments in Mogilev

An exhibition of middle-aged punishment and torture instruments from “Petropavlovskaya castle” State Museum of History of St. Petersburg opens today at Mogilev Local Lore Museum named after Romanov. It welcomes visitors till the beginning of August.

The exposition presents exact replicas of middle-aged punishment and torture instruments; a mask of shame, a mask of blasphemer, a penitential shirt, shackles, a muzzle, a gossip’s violin, as well as a stake, a wheel, a handsaw for capital punishment execution are among them.

The very names of instruments (“witch’s chair”, “iron boot”, “stake”, “heretic’s fork”, etc.) are terrifying; that’s why children under 10 years old are not recommended to attend the exhibition without parents.

One of the exhibits dates back to the times of Peter The Great; it is the so-called “drunkard’s order” – a symbol of disgrace to award alcoholics.


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