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Ministry of Forestry takes measures for liquidating hurricane consequences in Mogilev region

Forestries of Belarus take measures for liquidating consequences of the hurricane and windfall in Mogilev region, - Ministry of Forestry informs. During the first part of June strong hurricane winds damaged 867.7 thous m3 of wood in the forests of Ministry of Forestry. 702.9 thous m3 under the area of 2663 ha are to be exploited by all-round sanitary felling.

According to specialists, it was Mogilev region that suffered of hurricane most of all – 495 thous m3 of wood was damaged there, and the area of 1656 ha is to be exploited by all-round sanitary felling. Local forestries have already started to exploit windfalls. The most serious consequences were in Chausy forestry – there are 275.2 thous m3 of windfalls under the area of 909 ha.


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