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Mogilev Metallurgical Plant (MMP) is getting ready a reply to an inquiry by the EU Economic Commission in which they notify of the likely chance of introducing anti-dumping duties on welded steel pipes exported to the EU states, MMP’s Chief Engineer Oleg Aleinikov told Interfax.

The company has been given a 10-day notice to come up with a reply.

EU to initiate anti-dumping investigation into Chinese steel pipe imports

The European Union has initiated an anti-dumping investigation into imports of welded steel tubes and pipes originating from five countries including China, Russia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, according to a report published in the European Commission’s official journal.

According to the report, the European Commission received a complaint from the welded steel industry’s Defence Committee, a group whose members account for over 50 percent of the European Union’s total production of welded steel tubes. The committee complained that welded iron or non-alloy steel tubes and pipes from, China and Russia are being dumped on the European market, undercutting local producers and unfairly harming the local industry.

The European Commission’s report said that it had found sufficient evidence to justify an investigation. The investigation will last for 15 months, and will set out to determine whether the Defence Committee’s claims are valid. Provisional measures may be imposed by no later than nine months from the report’s publication, the European Commission said.

The welded steel tubes in question are used in oil and gas pipelines as well as civil aircraft.

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