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Mogilev opens the International Traditional Culture Forum

The concert Hall “Mogilev” held the opening ceremony of the forum “Traditional culture as a strategic resource of the stable development of the society”. The event included performances of singing and dancing groups from all the regions of Belarus.

The participants of the forum represent 12 countries: South Korea, Italy, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Slovakia, Estonia and others.

The deputy Culture Minister of Belarus VasilyChernik greeted the participant from the side of the Council of Ministers. He pointed to the diversity and variety of the Belarusian culture which offers a lot to study for   the overseas guests of the forum. The event is of great importance, he said. The forum will have a support of the Culture Ministry, regional authorities. VasilyChernik thanked Oleg Hmelkov, the director of the Mogilev regional folk arts, culture and education centre, for settling the program of the forum.

Victor Nekrashevich, deputy head of Mogilev regional executive committee, greeted the participants from the side of the regional governor Vladimir Domanevsky.

The program of the forum includes the meetings of the Culture Minister of Belarus Boris Svetlov with labour collectives of the region. Cherikov district will introduce the participants its experience in the area of traditional culture development.

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