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Mogilev region to develop cooperation with China

Representatives of Mogilev region went to China with the official visit. The program of the visit includes a number of events aimed at developing cooperation between two countries.

September 24 held the meeting with the secretary of the party committee of Hunan Province Du Jiahao, vice secretary general of the party committee and some officials. At the meeting the participants expressed their strong will to develop relations between two countries.

The negotiations were held with participation of the deputy chairman of the commerce department of the province Chuan Zhou and the chairman of the European region trade LíBiāo. The talks took place between the administration of the trade complex «HunanGaoqiaomarketjointstockLtd», the company «HunanPinhuiimportandexporttradingCoLtd» and the state enterprise «Mogilev agency of development».

Belarusian companies held presentation of their goods for 200 specially invited residents of the complex. The agreement was signed between «HunanPinhuiimportandexporttradingCoLtd» and «Mogilev agency of development» to open a pavilion of Belarusian goods. 

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