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Mogilev Region Drama Theatre to stage Vitkevich's play

Mogilev Region Drama Theatre has been staging the play by the Polish playwright "In the Small Mansion House". It has been the fourth play staged by the Lithuanian director Saulis Varnas at Mogilev Region Drama Theatre.

"All characters in Vitkevich's plays are complex. They are passionate, goal-oriented, fighting for their ideals and values. Sometimes they seem to be beasts having come from our subconsciousness, rather than humans", Saulis Varnas commented. "Their world is drastically dangerous, but it's extremely beautiful".

The play is to be a kind of a warning, the director remarked. "Though it isn't aimed at moralizing. I just want all of us to consider what our families mean to us, how we communicate with each other, and what will be left after us".

The new play differs from the previous plays directed by Saulis Varnas. The scene takes place in the small mansion house. The play tells the story of a family that is a typical one and is the reflection of what is going on in the world. The cast includes Vasily Galets, Galina Lobanok, Dmitry Dudkevich, Alexander Kuleshov, Grigory Belotserkovsky and others. The first nights will be on April 16, 17, 18, 19.

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