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Mogilev region’s higher education establishments finalize admittance of government-financed students

Mogilev region’s higher education establishments finalized admittance of government-financed students. According to the admittance commission of Belarusian-Russian University, the establishment admitted 392 government-financed students, the target being 450. The shortage of government-financed students is supposed to be overcome after the additional admittance campaign that starts July 26.

The highest pass marks are registered for such specialties of Belarusian-Russian University as “Transport Logistics”, “Automated Data Processing Systems”.

Mogilev State Kuleshov University registered the highest pass marks for such specialties as law, Romanic and Germanic philology. Here the number of admitted government-financed students made 309 persons, the target being 330. There is a shortage of students to study Belarusian philology, Physics and Computer Science.

Vyacheslav Sharshunov, rector of Mogilev State Food Technology University, says that the establishment hit the target of 100% government-financed students’ admittance.

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