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Mogilev arranges celebration in honour of winners of Republican Olympiads and their teachers

Today the winners of Republican Olympiads and their teachers were awarded with the diplomas of Mogilev executive committee. It was for the first time when Mogilev executive committee decided to award pupils – the winners of the final stage of the Republican Olympiads – and teachers who trained the winners with such diplomas.

During the ceremony the chairman of Mogilev executive committee Peter Rudnick stressed that it is the young who produce new ideas and promote for progressive transformations in the society. Today much is being doing to create the conditions for intellectual and creative development of the youngsters, and Mogilev is not an exception.

Peter Rudnick specifies that excellent results of the pupils are not only their accomplishments, but also the merits of their teachers. And it is very important that today they are awarded too. On behalf of the executive committee the governor pronounced the words of gratitude to the teachers for their devotion to the job, ability to reveal talents of pupils and develop them. Peter Rudnick supposed that the teachers will see new victories in the nearest future.

Как сообщили в управлении образования Могилевского облисполкома, по итогам заключительного этапа республиканской олимпиады 5 учащимся, завоевавшим диплом I степени, будет выплачена премия в размере 30 базовых величин; 14 учащимся, завоевавшим диплом II степени, будет выплачена премия в размере 20 базовых величин; и 44 учащимся, завоевавшим диплом III степени, будет выплачена премия в размере 10 базовых величин.

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