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Mogilev Automobile Glass Plant “KUVO” to produce experimental samples for “E-mobil”

Mogilev Automobile Glass Plant “KUVO” is to produce experimental samples of bent glass (3х1.5 m) for the Russian car “E-mobil” which is produced next year.

According to the director of the company Anatoly Voitenkov, a half of the produced glass will be exported. The prices are lower than the ones of the Russian producers. 3 years ago Mogilev’s Company delivered “Rostselmash” only 5% of all frontal glass the Russian Company needed. Today “KUVO” is a monopolist at the market.

“KUVO” Company is specialized in manufacturing large size windscreen glass of a complicated shape.

According to Anatoly Voitenkov, “KUVO” produces 3.000 windscreen glasses for buses, cars and lorries. 5 plants are constant consumers – “MAZ”, “Gomselmash”, “Belkommunmash”, “Rostselmash”, “LiAZ”; they buy 80% of all the company’s glass.

This year “KUVO” bought new foreign equipment and designed its own original technological equipment to harden flat and bent glass.

Today Mogilev’s company is ready for orders to produce hardened glass for automobiles, furniture, construction needs.

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