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Mogilev became twin town of Sumgait (the Azerbaijani Republic)

According to the agreement signed today at the city executive committee by Victor Shorikov (chairman of Mogilev city executive committee) and Agif Isaga ogly Guluev (deputy chairman of Sumgait executive committee) Mogilev became the twin town of Sumgait (the Azerbaijani Republic). According to Victor Shorikov, the agreement will promote development of complex relations in the sphere of trade, economy, science, culture, sports, education, medicine, urban development, ecological protection between the Republic of Belarus and the Azerbaijani Republic.

For 4 months of the year 2009 foreign trade turnover of Mogilev and Azerbaijan totaled in $ 1 000 000, i.e. increase by 50.1 % compared to the respective period of the year 2008. Total exports of production made up $ 722.5 thous, i.e. 6.5-fold increase; total imports of production made up $ 319.9 thous, i.e. decrease by 45.2 % compared to the respective period of the year 2008. Much of exports comprise elevators produced by RUE “Mogilevliftmash”, that of imports - inorganic chemical compounds, cloths and textile, phytogenous products.

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