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Mogilev billboards to portray people not paying for housing and communal services

New project is under consideration at Mogilev centre of city information system, aiming at collecting debts from people who are not paying for housing and communal services. By the beginning of the year there were 2.5 bln such debts, - the correspondent of the site was told by the specialist of Mogilev centre of city information system Ekaterina Divakova.

According to Ekaterina Divakova 3965 lawsuits (BYR 824.5 mln in total) were brought against people who hadn’t been paying for the services for a long time; and 76% of them (3016) were satisfied, and BYR 455.1 mln were paid by debtors. Courts even heard several suits for debtors’ resettlement.

To make the appeals more effective different actions took place, for ex. putting stickers “You are the next to be resettled” on debtors’ doors.

This year the centre considers portraying debtors at city billboards; the warning commercial has already been made.

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