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Mogilev birthday and Independence Day of Republic of Belarus to be festive and colourful

Mogilev birthday and Independence Day of the Republic of Belarus is supposed to be festive and colourful, - the culture department of city executive committee informs.

The celebrations are held on July 2-3. Mogilev welcomes friends from twin cities as well as neighbouring cities and towns – all in all more than 10 delegations, including that from Sokolinaya Gora (eastern administrative okrug of Moscow city), Tula, Balashikha, Kolpinski district of Saint Petersburg, Penza (representing the Russian Federation), Nikolaev (representing the Ukraine), Wittenberg, Vlatslaveck (representing Germany), Krugaevats (representing Serbia).

Grodno and Bobruisk congratulate Mogilev on behalf of Belarusian cities and towns. Guests will pay their respects to heroes-defenders of Mogilev, put flowers to monuments and obelisks of the soldiers perished, and discuss measures of promoting co-operation.

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