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Mogilev branch of Belarusian railway got 3 new passenger cars

Presentation of 3 new passenger cars took place today at Mogilev branch of Belarusian railway. The cars were designed at Minsk Railway-Carriage Repair Plant especially for the disabled; they are equipped with electric elevator, and entrance is wider than usual. There is a wide corridor and a comfortable carriage with a tip-up back for the disabled in a compartment. A special board shows air temperature in a passenger car and out-of-doors, stations’ names and even whether the WC is vacant at the moment. For the blind useful tips are made in braille, and a board is equipped with a special device that announces information. WC is also designed especially for the disabled. Each passenger car may house 26 people. The three cars are trailed, they are the part of Gomel-Moscow train. The price of tickets remains the same, and it is not more expensive than usual.

Sergei Martynov, the deputy director of Mogilev branch of Belarusian railway, informed journalists that the branch hadn’t purchased new passenger cars since 1991. Each year Belarusian railway purchases 200 – 300 new freight cars, but passenger cars are purchased not very often.

In the Republic there are only 15 passenger cars equipped for the disabled, 3 of them – in Mogilev region. The fleet of passenger cars is exhausted by 90 %, that’s why it is vital to buy new railway cars. The chairman of regional organisation of “Belarusian association of the disabled” public union Sergei Kuzmin remarks that having purchased passenger cars equipped for the disabled, Mogilev branch of Belarusian railway has made one more step towards carrying out the Republican programme of creating the disabled-friendly environment. The disabled need to travel to Moscow on business, as well as for taking part in different forums, festivals, and sport competitions, thus such cars are necessary.

“There are more than 1300 disabled of the first group in Mogilev, 200 of them use special carriages. All of them want to live normal life, and purchasing such passenger cars help to improve life conditions of the disabled”, - Sergei Kuzmin states. According to him, Mogilev region and in general Belarus have made much to fulfil the Republican programme of creating the disabled-friendly environment. 20 % of institutions within social infrastructure satisfy the requirements of the disabled-friendly environment. Fulfilling the first stage of the Republican programme aims at increasing the figure till 50 %.

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