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Mogilev branch of Belarusian Railways considered the best in Belarus

According to the results of the competition held in 2008 Mogilev branch of Belarusian Railways is considered the best in Belarus. Today at the festive ceremony in Mogilev the staff-winner was presented with Diploma and money prize of BYR 120 mln.

Last year Mogilev branch of Belarusian Railways succeed in fulfilling its main task having satisfied full needs of cargo & passenger transportation. Capital investments to Mogilev branch counted for BYR 37.8 bln. in 2008. Much attention was paid to renovation of industrial funds’ hard core. Thus, in 2008 the following measures were undertaken: reconstruction of the railway bridge over Lokhva river was finished, first part of reconstruction of the bridge over Berezina river was done, as well as of the railway station Kalyi -3, the turn-table in Mogilev engine-house was changed.

Mogilev branch also was successful in fulfilling the task of energy saving – 13.8% instead of 13% planned. The revenue of the branch increased by 21.5% (counted for BYR 395.4 bln) compared to the year 2007.

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