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Mogilev branch of “Beltelekom” to develop digital network of communication

Mogilev branch of RUE “Beltelekom” pays much attention to developing digital network of communication and modern digital technologies, - the correspondent of the site was told by the branch’s director Alexander Lisov.

Just during July – September of 2010 the company replaced old equipment at communication networks at Osipovichi, Bortniki village (Bobruisk district), Dobraya village (Gorki district), Glukhskaya Seliba village (Bykhov district), and Lobkovichi village (Krichev district). “Modernisation made it possible to switch more than 3,000 subscribers to modern digital network”, - Alexander Lisov added.
The first digital telephone station in Mogilev region was put into operation in 1994. Nowadays each district has such stations. Digital network covers more than 66.2% of rural areas, and 76.9% of town and city areas. What concerns the area of Glussk and Dribin districts, it is digitized by 100%.

By the end of the year more than 5,400 subscribers of the region will have been switched to digital stations. “Modern digital equipment provides high-quality telephone calls (excellent audibility, and no noise). Besides, additional services are available for subscribers, such as calls readdressing, CLIP, number unobtainable service, etc.”.

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