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A festival in memory of Russian man of letters Konstantin Simonov will be held in Mogilev, Interfax-West has learnt from the Russian Society NGO.

The festival will be held December 5-7 in association with the Russian Embassy in Belarus, the Russian Society NGO.

The festival is timed to the 93rd birthday anniversary of the poet (born November 28, 1915), who was there to personally witness the battles near Mogilev in 1941. He documented the heroic defence of Mogilev in his books and pieces of poetry (Burning Snow news report in the Soviet newspaper Izvestia, published July 20, 1941; Live and Dead novel). Deeply impressed by the battle and the courage and heroism of the soldiers, the poet and wartime news reporter made history asking in his will to disperse his ashes over Buinichi Field on the outskirts of Mogilev (present-day Buinishi Field Memorial).

There is also a monument to Konstantin Simonov in Mogilev.

Aleksei Simonov, the Moscow-based son of the poet, is expected to attend the venue.

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