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Mogilev Customs House to introduce electronic system of declaration

Today Mogilev customs house held the press-conference on prospects of introducing electronic system of declaration. Yuri Chernogalov, deputy director of customs house, answered the questions of journalists.

According to Yuri Chernogalov, the first in Mogilev region to introduce electronic system of declaring goods was “Steclozavod Elizovo”. Nowadays 30 Mogilev enterprises apply the electronic system, making up 35% of all declarations accepted by Mogilev customs house. More thelectronuc an 100 declarations are accepted by the customs every week. In the nearest future Belarusian Railway is to introduce this system. By September 50% of Mogilev region exporters will apply electronic system of declaration, and starting from January, 1, 2010, all exported goods will be declared by the means of electronic system.

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