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Mogilev enterprise “Zenit” to start production of digital transceivers for power engineers

In 2010 Mogilev branch of the Republican Unitary Enterprise Zenit” starts series manufacture of digital transceivers of carrier-current protection for power engineers.

This up-to-date equipment is to replace analog transceivers that still are used at the majority of high-voltage power lines. Digital transceivers contribute to effectiveness and quality of power lines monitoring, including the functions of transmitting and receiving high-frequency signals of protection, automatic monitoring of their accuracy and promoting telephone communication between the ends of a line protected. New digital transceivers are compatible with all types of high-frequency protection.

New digital transceivers use microchip of Cyclone-3 series produced by Altera; it has a graphic display. Besides, such a transceiver is much smaller by its size, easy to control, and has a high degree of maintainability due to a system of interchangeable panels and cards.

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