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A patriotic campaign under the motto "We Are Belarusians" has started at Mogilev Culture palace, Belarusian Culture Minister Vladimir Matveychuk told a news conference.

The campaign aims at the promotion of cultural and spiritual values of the Belarusian nation by means of music, dance, theatre performances.

The first stage of the campaign that will be completed in June will feature the performances of at least 50 singers, dancers, bands and theatre studios, the source specified.

At the end of the first stage there will be organized a concert in Minsk (July 3) and a concert in Vitebsk (within the framework of the 17th Slavic Bazaar festival).

Similar campaign will be conducted by representatives of Belarusian diasporas in Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, etc.

The second stage of the campaign will take place from August till November. It will end with a concert at Minsk's airport, the source reported.




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