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Mogilev militia will carry the intensified service during public entertainment events

July, 1-5 during public entertainment events Mogilev militia will carry the intensified service. The information is provided by the deputy chief of the Internal Affairs Office of Mogilev Regional Administration Sergey Ivanov. The students of the Militia College will also help to keep public order.

A terrorist action that happened on Independence Day in Minsk last year forced to take some extra measures. This year Mogilev militia pays special attention to keeping public order at the entertainment events dedicated to celebrate the 65th anniversary of Belarus liberation from Fascists invaders.

Stationary and hand metal detectors will be used to let people to the public entertainment sites. There is a list of things that are forbidden to be taken to the places of public entertainment. Knives, guns, gas pistols, explosives, ammunition and the subjects that can cause danger are in this list. Bottles, cups, jugs, tins, plastic, glass and other breakable or hard subjects, TETRAPAK packages are not allowed either. The only aim of law and public order enforcing agencies is the security of the population, Sergey Ivanov stresses it.

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