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In Mogilev one doctor monitors 400 patients

Belarusian healthcare system lacks about 4,000 doctors and over 5,000 nurses. The problem has become really serious at polyclinics and outpatient departments. According to Alexander Starovoitov, a head doctor of Mogilev Central Polyclinic, in Mogilev one doctor monitors 400 patients. In Mogilev healthcare system 94% vacancies are shared. Positions overlapping is common in the city.

“Attracting healthcare workforce” – that is an item of the draft program of our country’s development in the nearest five years. Mogilev keeps granting allowance to specialists the city needs. All young healthcare specialists are provided with different housing options. Mogilev Regional Executive Committee made a decision to allot a 108-appartment dwelling house for healthcare employees who are in need of improving their housing conditions.

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