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In Mogilev overdue public utilities bills in the third quarter must decrease by 50%

Overdue discharge public utilities bills in the third quarter must decrease by 50% (exclusive of overdue bills of previous years) - from Вr9 bln to Вr4,5 bln. Overdue public utilities bills must be completely paid by the end of the year. That is the target made by Victor Shorikov, the head of Mogilev City Executive Committee, at the session of Mogilev City Administration.

The results of the first half of 2009 show that discharge public utilities bills make Вr33,8 bln (8% of annual city budget). Overdue discharge public utilities bills total about Вr15 bln, and from this sum Вr6 bln - overdue bills of previous years.

"In the situation when local budget is hard to fill up (moreover it was sequestered by Вr76 bln) we are to make the work with debtors more active. Habitual debtors should be severely punished - to the extent that running water can be cut off," - the mayor noted.

According to Victor Shorikov, these measures are to be taken because overdue public utilities bills of the population make Вr2,8 bln. The most effective of measures are brining suits against debtors and eviction. Last year 7 habitual debtors were evicted. This year three persons have lost their flats. Three people have been brought to the court. 50 citizens have been warned about eviction. As a rule 90% of them find money and pay.

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