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Mogilev produced the hundredth wagon

“Mogilev wagon works” of “BelAZ” Company produced the hundredth wagon. The information is provided by Stanislav Yakubovich, the vice director general of “BelAZ” Joint Stock Company.

By the end of 2010 the company will produce 1,041 wagons. But even now the plant is able to produce 2 thousand wagons a year. The enterprise has carried out a commission of the President of Belarus to create facilities of producing wagons.

In 2011 the wagon works will extend its facilities to produce 2,500 wagons in 2012.

Over 11 months of 2010 the plant’s production growth made 209% to the same period of 2009.

“Mogilev wagon works” was registered in March 2005 and located in Mogilev auto plant (MoAZ) which is a part of “BelAZ” Company. “BelAZ” Company holds 99% shares of the registered fund of the wagon works. At the moment it employs 250 persons.

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