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In Mogilev region 27 people have drowned in the water this year

Since the beginning of 2009 in Mogilev region 27 people have drowned in the water. It is 10 persons more comparing with the same period of 2008, Nikolai Moiseev, the head of the Regional OSVOD Office informs.

According to Nikolai Moiseev, the tragedies took place on the distant uncontrolled and unequipped zones. 50% of the drowned are fishermen. As a rule they go fishing at the isolated hardly reachable spots. No one can help them there. There is an increase of the accidents that happen to people with heart and respiratory diseases.

Among those who drowned there are pensioners and unemployed people, the categories to which educational and preventive work can hardly be provided. The only means of influence is mass media. In Nikolai Moiseev's words, the Regional OSVOD workers are controlling 60 spots where Mogilev region citizens usually rest. In Mogilev region there are 9 rescue stations and 18 rescue posts that are well equipped.

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