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Mogilev region agriculture output totaled 109,1%

Mogilev region farms’ output made 109,1%, the early target being 115,3%. Alexander Muraviev, the deputy of the Committee for Agribusiness and Food Supply of Mogilev Region Administration, told about it at the board.

Agricultural processing companies upped their output to reach 118,1% in price terms and 116,3% in the consumer goods terms, the early target being 115% and 113% correspondingly. Grain crops output increased by 4,9% to compare with 2007 and made 36,2 centner per ha. The supply of grain, rape seeds oil, sugar-beet and flax fiber hit the target. Cattle and pig breeding productivity increased. The average milk yield per cow grew by 401 kilos. The average cattle and pig breeding additional weight made 33 and 31 gr. In 2008 agribusiness companies’ profit totaled BYR 194.3 bln (48,4% up). Agribusiness sales profit grew by 3,9% to reach 9,5%.

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