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In Mogilev region alcohol consumption makes 9.8 l per head

In Mogilev region alcohol consumption makes 9.8 l per head. The information was announced by Bladimir Shrubov, the head of the Health Care Office, at the session of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee. The session considered the results of the State Program of alcohol abuse prevention measures for the years of 2006-2010. It is estimated that in Mogilev region alcohol consumption slightly increased (from 9.5 l of pure alcohol per head in 2006 to 9.8 l in 2008).

According to Aleksey Aleksandrov, the head expert in narcology of the Health Care Ministry, Mogilev region shows the lowest statistics in alcohol consumption: 9.8 l per head against 12.4 l in the country. The survey shows that 85% of adult population use alcohols, about 30% use alcohol drinks with harm to health.

In Aleksey Aleksandrov’s words, there is a necessity to improve the work to realize the State Program. We should influence the demand of the population for alcoholic drinks. Enterprises should have narcology experts to work with employees.

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