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Mogilev region cuts energy consumption by 12,8%

In 2008 Mogilev region cut energy consumption by 12,8%. Head of the regional energy repartment, Vyacheslav Podolsky, told at the meeting of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee. The meeting of Mogilev administration was devoted to the results of fulfillment of Edict N3 of the President of the Republic of Belarus “Economy and saving are the main factors of the state’s economic safety”.

According to Vyacheslav Podolsky, the region saved 12,8% of energy resources, the early target being 12%. The statistics are common for all the districts of the region. Thanks to an extensive use of energy-saving technologies energy consumption didn’t change and made 100,8% (though the region upped its industrial output by 114%). It helped to save 180 200 tonnes of equivalent fuel (the target being 170 000 tonnes of equivalent fuel).

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