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In Mogilev region the destroyed electricity transmission is restored

In Mogilev region by 4 amJune,15 the electricity transmission that had been destroyed during the disaster was restored. The correspondent of the site learnt about it at Mogilev Region Emergency Ministry Department.

A strong wind, the thunderstorm, hail switched off 1356 switch stations, 465 localities, 117 farms, 109 electricity transmitting areas. To restore electricity transmission in the region 72 emergency brigades and 27 special machines provided by "Mogilevenergo" were involved.

According to the latest information, the wind and hail damaged the roofs of 1024 buildings including 332 agriculture and manufacturing constructions, 21 public constructions, 642 housing constructions. In the result of the disaster 1,5 thousand hectares of forests were damaged, 5,2 thousand hectares of sown areas were destroyed and 10 thousand hectares of sown areas were damaged.

During the night June 12-13 in Mogilevregion 12 millimeters of rain fell: 30 housing buildings were sunk. Thanks to efficient work of the EMD and municipal service brigades to pump out the water the damage and destruction were minimized.

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