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Mogilev region enterprises should cut down their production expenses by 10% - Petr Rudnik

In 2010 Mogilev region industrial enterprises should cut down their production expenses by 10% minimum. This is the target that was put by Petr Rudnik, the head of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee at the session of the Regional Council of Delegates.

Petr Rudnik advised the directors of the enterprises to work out the corresponding programs of production expenses cutting down. “It will help our products to be more competitive. It will decrease warehouse stocks and increase salary. According to specialists, 1% economy of material expenses will lead to 4% increase in salary. We should use this reserve since in 2010 we should achieve an average salary equal to $500,” – the head of the region said.

In Petr Rudnik’s words, we can not save on people’s salary. The main social target of 2010 is to improve life standards and working conditions of the population. 2010 is the final year of a five-year plan. We should make it the year of great achievements. The executive authority has worked out the measures to improve effectiveness of regional economy, to reach the pre-crisis production level.


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