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Mogilev region farms to complete potatoes harvesting campaign by October 1

Mogilev region farms mean to have completed potatoes harvesting campaign by October 1, - the correspondent of the site was told at the agriculture and food supplies committee of Mogilev regional executive committee.

“We are considerably ahead of last year’s rates; so far 55% of area under potatoes has been harvested, while by the corresponding period of last year only 37% was harvested. It has been promoted by both weather conditions and machinery updating (23 new potato combines)”, - specialists specified.

In spite of this summer’s abnormal weather conditions that had negative influence on average crop yield, it makes up 216 centner per ha, i.e. it is about last year’s average crop yield.

On the whole this year 94,000 tons of potatoes will be stored up in the region, it makes up 10% increase comparing to last year due to extension of area under crop.

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