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Mogilev region harvested 45% of grain crops

Mogilev region harvested 45% of grain crops. The information is provided by the Agriculture and Food Stuff Department of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee. 485,121 tons of grained was grinned. The average crop yield made 32.5 centers per hectare. Shklov, Mogilev, Gorky districts are the leaders. Here the average crop yield made correspondingly 46.1, 45 и 40 centers per hectare.

The governor of the region put a target of 80 thousand tons of grain crops a day and to complete a harvesting campaign within a week. All available resources make it possible. This year’s harvesting involves 850 auto cars and 1676 harvesters. 250 new harvesters are of “Gomselmash” production. Mogilev regional agriculture authorities took the vehicles on a condition of a long-term rent. Some of the harvesters are of high passability. Every harvester is driven by a qualified combine operator and his assistant.

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