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Mogilev region harvested 51.1% of grain crops

Mogilev region harvested 51.1% of grain crops, - agriculture and food supplies committee of the regional executive committee informs. It makes up 550.9 tons, and this is the third figure after Minsk and Gomel regions.

Agricultural workers have been provided with all facilities needed to harvest crops as quickly as possible, specialists remark. At the same time much attention is paid to quality control of the harvest-2010; the first samples have already been sent to the State inspection service for quality control test. Analyses have revealed high level of gluten in crops harvested, i.e. it suits perfectly for baking. In the crops harvested in Mogilev region gluten makes up 29%; this is the highest figure. Besides, the third class wheat conforms to the second class wheat judging by gluten quality.

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