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Mogilev region has not registered any complaints about the way elections are organized – L.Ermoshina

Mogilev region has not registered any complaints about the way elections are organized, L.Ermoshina, the head of the Central Elections and Referenda Committee, said. L.Ermoshina took part in the seminar-session with chiefs and secretaries of territory and district electoral committees, the heads of organizational, human resources departments, and ideology departments of the District and City Executive Committees of Mogilev region.

The sessions of the kind are a usual practice. Their purpose is to discuss the organizing problems and the ways to improve the work of the committees. The sessions took place in three regions of Belarus. Today they have taken place in Mogilev and Grodno. Next week they will be held in Vitebsk region. “Even now when the information is quite available in the Internet, brochures, an alive talk remains to be the most effective means of communication,” - L.Ermoshina said.
According to her, the elections are held according to the law. Local authorities did their best in organizing the first stage of the elections – making up territory and district electoral committees.

The representatives of the candidates attended the sessions of all electoral committees. All decisions were made openly. “Though Mogilev region has a very active political life local authorities hold a proper work with all the political powers and organizations registered in the region, ” - L.Ermoshina said.

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