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Mogilev region to hold universal business co-operation forum “Innovative Projects for Mogilev region enterprises”

According to the head of business undertakings department, deputy head economy committee of Mogilev regional executive committee Victor Krasovsky, the forum aims at promoting new investment projects in the field of science and their further implementation at industrial enterprises.

Subcontracts forum is to assist large and small enterprises to engage into partnership and business co-operation. Both manufacturers and customers get a chance of coming to agreements and making contracts. The major advantages of subcontracting are reducing investments into means of production, saving financial resources, as well as administration and personnel management optimization.

The forum is a part of the regional business forum “Innovative Approaches to Business Undertakings” held on June 3-4, 2010 by Mogilev executive committee, State Committee in Science and Technologies of the Republic of Belarus, National Academy of Science of the Republic of Belarus, Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus, BNTU Scientific-technological park “Polytechnic” and “Scientific-analytical centre of information, innovations, and technological transfers” Republican unitary enterprise. Tomorrow the agenda of the forum includes subcontracts forum and “International experience in the field of subcontracting” seminar held at “Technological Park of Mogilev”.

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