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Mogilev region to hold the Week of Mercy

Mogilev region holds the Week of Mercy. The event is dedicated to the Day of the Elderly. According to Tatiana Yushkevich, the deputy chief of the Committee for Labour, Employment and Social Security, the region provides social assistance and state support for veterans of the Great Patriotic war, other categories of disabled people.

Within the Week of Mercy social security and educational establishments of the region are to hold actions: “Grace”, “Care”, “Clean House”, “Attention to the elderly”, “Remembered by colleagues”, “Pioneers to veterans”, “Honour and respect to the elderly and disabled”, “House without loneliness”, “Clean Yard” and so on.

In Mogilev region pension fund scheme corresponds to the Law of the Republic of Belarus “On pension Coverage”. In September 2010
average old age pension made Br558.212 thousand, average disability pension made Br456.223 thousand, average pension of an invalid of the Great Patriotic War made Br908.126 thousand.

January,1 2010 – September, 1 2010 the region provided veterans of the Great Patriotic War and war victims with following assistance: 352 dwelling were repaired, 148 stove heating systems were restored, electric wiring in 117 houses were mended, 161 gas systems were changed, 798 fire alarms were installed.

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