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Mogilev region juvenile delinquancy is half the level of January 2008

Mogilev region juvenile delinquency made half the level of January 2008. In January 2009 young people under age committed 34 crimes in comparison with 79 crimes committed within the same period last year. Petr Garusov, the deputy chair of the regional juvenile delinquency commission told to the correspondent of the site.

Due to the undertaken measures in 12 from 21 districts of Mogilev region no crimes were committed. In Osipovichi, Krugloe, Klimovichi districts crime rates decreased. In Belynichi, Mstislavl, Krasnopolye, Krichev, Chausy districts juvenile crime rates had a slight increase. Within January 2009 there was no any serious crime to be registered. The level of thefts, hooliganism and offences committed in alcohol intoxication decreased too.

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