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Mogilev region lost 69 people drowned in July 2010

Mogilev Regional “OSVOD” Organization reports an increasing number of drowned people in July 2010. Only last week four persons drowned, three of them were drunk.

In July Mogilev region lost 69 people drowned. In July 2001 the number of the drowned totaled 83 persons.

The region witnesses a heat wave. August, 4-5 the temperature is expected to be +35-38°С, in some areas – +33-34°С. More and more people are willing to cool down in the waters of the region. According to Petr Makhorkin, a first class diver of Grebenevski Rescue Station, 4 thousand people come to Svyatoe Lake every day. The beach is crowded even at the hottest part of the day (from 12.00 till 16.00). There are a lot of kids. Some people come to the beach for partying and alcohol drinking. People do not follow the rules of sunbathing and swimming at high temperatures. It causes tragedy.

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