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Mogilev Region has met the grain supply target set by the state, commonly referred to as ‘the grain order’, the local agribusiness authority told Interfax-West.

As of the early morning of August 25 Mogilev farms have sold to the state 183,600 tonnes of grain, which makes 101% of the target, the source informed.

That includes wheat - 39,700 tonnes (113.6%), rye - 74,700 tonnes (98.3%), barley - 10,700 tonnes (97.7%), brewer’s barley - 8,900 tonnes (111%), oats - 9,200 tonnes (83.8%), triticale - 17,800 tonnes (101.6%).

As of August 25 Mogilev farms have cleared 313,200 ha of areas under grain and leguminous crops, 97.4% of the target.

They have threshed 1.261 million tonnes of grain, with the average yield standing at 40.3 centners per ha.

The highest yield was reported from Shklov farms – 56.8 centners per ha, Mogilev suburbs – 50 centners per ha, Mstislavl – 39.9 centners per ha, Gorki – 46 centners per ha.

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