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Mogilev region to open brand stores of handicraft goods in 2010

In 2010 Mogilev region opens brand stores aimed at promoting sales of handicraft goods, - Anatoly Sinkovets, the head of Culture department of Mogilev regional executive committee informs.

Regional union of craftsmen will be granted apartments of about 100 m2 for promoting production and sales of handicraft goods in Mogilev, Bobruisk and other towns. Information about them will be available in regional goods electronic catalogue and on-line.

Heads of small businesses and sole proprietorships having been awarded the honourary title “Craftsman” will be granted subventions for business enlargement on competitive basis.

The region will also compile a list of trades and handicrafts, promote training of arts and crafts specialists at vocational educational establishments, and include the nomination for “The best handicraftsman” into the “Year Personality” special premium of Mogilev regional executive committee.


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