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In Mogilev region over 5.5 thousand people will be involved to carry out the national census

October,9-12 there is a preliminary round done by the respondents of the general census of Belarus. Census enumerators are to ask the respondents about the most comfortable time they can answer the questions of the survey. October, 14-24 are the days when the census itself takes place. The information is provided by the chief of the Central Statistics Department of Mogilev region Valery Berestov.

The general census that is held on October,14-24 2009 is the second one. Belarus held its first general census in 1999.

5592 persons will be involved to carry out the national census in October 2009. They are temporary census enumerators. According to the target of Mogilev region, 1 mln 119 thousand people will be listed. Stationary national census stations are created. The citizens can go there and take part in the census without a necessity to wait for census enumerators to come. In Valery Berestov’s words the information that the citizens provide census enumerators with is confidential, it will not be taken to tax and law bodies.

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