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In Mogilev region over 6 months of 2009 crime rate decreased by 20,6%

In Mogilev region over 6 months of 2009 crime rates decreased by 20,6%. The results of work of Internal Affairs offices and departments have been discussed at the board today. Anatoly Kuleshov, the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus took part in the board.

According to the participants of the board, Mogilev region shows a steady decrease tendency in crime rates (- 20,6%). Criminal Investigation Department reports the decrease in crimes by 24,3%, including a 26% decrease in serious and extremely serious crimes.

The number of offences against human life and health (murders and murderous assaults, serious physical injuries) as well as mercenary violent crimes (robberies and burglaries) also went down. Theft rate including hijackings fell down either.

At the same time crime rates in Bobruisk are rather high. Relating to the population they are two times as high as in Mogilev.

Crime investigation became more successful. All the cases on murders and murderous assaults, serious physical injuries and rapes committed this year were successfully solved.


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